LED displays for Täby Centrum

Focus has delivered several large RGB-displays for Nya Täby Centrum. The first display to be installed is shaped in 90° angle and placed on the roof of the building. Each side measure 7160 x 3840 mm and the LEDs are 16 mm apart. The display can either show the same message on both sides or two different messages on each side. For one month before the new parts of the mall were to be relieved the displays showed a countdown until this opening. Inside the mall we have installed a 30 square meters large graphic display with only 8 mm c-c. During the opening days the display, amongst other things, showed the visitors pictures from Instragram that were hashtagged #TabyC. The latest addition to the displays for Täby C is a large outdoor walk-in display with two floors, measuring approx. 9 x 4,5 meters, and with a pixel distance of 20 mm c-c. The LED display is formed after the façade and follows its rounded shape..
RGB-skärmar Nya Täby C utomhus RGB-skärmar Nya Täby C inne