We sell electronic displays and parking guidance systems

We have three main business areas; Parking, Traffic and Information.


A well-organized parking system saves both time and money for the visitor, spares the environment through less emission, and offers the owner of the system both happier customers and an economic profit where there is a charge for parking. We have complete solutions for parking, and through experience we have learnt to make all kinds of parks more efficient. Under the headline Parking we include gates and payment systems, guidance signs, and parking guidance. See examples in the picture gallery below.


Our information signs for traffic makes the traffic flow better. The traffic situation often varies and to be able to inform about these changes variable signs are required – both on roads and for public transportation. Our traffic signs include variable signs for speed limit, information boards, passenger info and signs that say “You’re driving too fast”.


To meet the expectations over a constantly changeable information flow it takes variable media. Graphic signs make it possible to change ones message in real time, whether it be sports results, commercial, social information or time/temperature. See our examples in the pictures below. Also, please have a look at our reference projects to get a wider view of our products. Click to go to our Company Presentation and Product Factsheets.

More on LED signs and parking

Please download our product factsheets if you are looking for more specific info on our products.

Click to go to our Company Presentation and Product Factsheets

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